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Any International student coming to study in the UK under the age of 18 should have a UK based guardian. Libra Tutors offers a variety  of compassionate and reliable home-stays located near to your child’s school. Studying in the UK provides a fantastic opportunity to receive an education of the highest quality. However, as a parent, it is paramount to know that your child is protected and comfortable, during the school term and the school holidays.

Acclimatising to a different culture can be a demanding process, especially for a young person; knowing there is a guardian available at all times assures a necessary peace of mind for you and your child. Libra Tutors assists their wards immediately upon arrival in the UK, ensuring they settle comfortably into their new school as well as providing a safe, friendly and welcoming family home during the school holidays.


From School to Home


Libra Tutors ensures all children in our care flourish academically at school by maintaining close communication between the parents, the guardian and the school. We attend parent-teacher meetings and liaise carefully to ensure absolute clarity and transparency regarding your child's education.


We monitor your child's progress carefully and offer additional support where required throughout their education in the United Kingdom. We also provide your child with guidance regarding further academic research on which school, university or career they would like to pursue.


All of our homestays provide a warm, stable family atmosphere - complete with gorgeous surroundings to inspire learning and leisure activities to reward hard work. We will ensure that your child takes up all of the opportunities that both the school and the UK has to offer.


Visa Guidelines

Applying for a visa to study in the UK can be a difficult and confusing process. Please click below for guidance information and useful links on coming to study in the UK.